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WorldScout offers a new kind of travel experience



Travel has the ability to change the way we interact with the world, eachother, and ourselves - and we love that! Traveling with WorldScout provides unique opportunities to connect with others.

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Whether snorkeling with manta rays, sampling street food in Oaxaca, or cycling the wine country in Uruguay, we build experiences to celebrate the local communities and cultures in which we travel.



Embracing adventure helps us grow and become our best selves. We scout the world to uncover less-traveled destinations then we craft rich outdoor, cultural, and purpose-driven adventures that fit the intention of each trip.



Each trip is as unique as its destination

But all have a similar vibe. We've scouted exquisite destinations chosen for their natural beauty as well as their cultural interest.  We offer premium boutique accommodations, outdoor adventures, cultural excursions, and opportunities to explore new territory...inside and out.


Bucket list trip! The food was incredible, the service superb and the endless beauty of the islands unforgettable. The trip had a perfect balance of yoga, organized adventures and chill time. Our fearless WorldScout leaders were super fun, detail-oriented, travel-savvy and ensured that we felt supported throughout our entire trip. I wasn’t expecting to make new best friends on this trip but I did - this is small group travel at its most magical!
— Jane, Steamboat Springs CO


Upcoming Adventures


Chapala, Mexico
registration closed

Enjoy private events with local artists, soak in healing thermal pools, and sample tequila and modern and traditional foods in this artful, urban adventure.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia
February 14-22, 2021

A once in a lifetime adventure to one of the most pristine ocean environments in the world. Experience the exotic foods and cultures of remote Indonesian islands.

Oaxaca, Mexico
currently scouting

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