The Scout State of Mind

WorldScout was born out of a curiosity to explore...the world, others and ourselves.  We bring together a community of seekers who crave new experiences because we believe it leads to more expansive and meaningful lives.  We are inspired by all that travel has to offer – new cultures, exotic foods, stunning landscapes, and exciting adventures! We like to move our bodies and minds through outdoor pursuits and we delight in cultural experiences that leave us feeling more compassionate and empowered to make change both big and small.  We want to discover our own dreams more fully and move swiftly toward them.

We place a high value on making connections with others around the globe and we think maybe you do too. We strive to bring a balanced mix of unique experiences to every trip. Each WorldScout trip is different but all combine premium, curated destinations, local experiences and opportunities to learn and grow.  Above all else, WorldScout has a deep and abiding love of play and when we travel we like to laugh. A lot.

Our goal is to offer an experience that will truly make a difference in all of our lives, to make even the most grueling travel itinerary totally fun and to scout new territory both inside and out. 

Truth be told, we mostly travel for fun. We vow to never lose sight of the fun.