Bronwen Lodato,  Co-Founder and Creative Director

I am the founder of the artisan jewelry brand,  Bronwen Jewelry, designed for active and traveling women.  I built this brand in the spirit of travel and adventure. 

My father is a pilot and I grew up crammed into small planes, sandwiched between my siblings bound for destinations far from home.  Sometimes our trips were routine shots down to California to visit the grandparents and other times they were adventurous weekends flying into the mountains to land a float plane on a high alpine lake to camp. Location didn't matter to me, we were GOING SOMEWHERE!  

After college, I led wilderness courses for Outward Bound and I became forever altered by my role as facilitator for these incredible experiences that were deeply transformational for so many; this role was, and still is today, a true calling for me. I fiercely believe that when we step into our true callings in life, we open ourselves up to shifts in perspective that allow us the see the world more compassionately and joyfully. 

My ambitious globe-trotting escapades the past decade have been leading me to a place where I find myself now: deeply honored and wildly excited to invite you to travel with me. 



Cynthia LaRoche, Co-Founder and Yoga Instructor

I truly believe that life is meant to be lived, that inside each of us dwells a hidden ability to reach as high as we choose and that more often than not we need reminders of the truth of our innate power to evolve and expand. 

Expansion is why I travel. To stretch beyond what is comfortable and to return forever changed. This is also why I practice and teach yoga. Neither of these happened for me at a young age, my first flight was when I headed off to college in another state. Interestingly, this is when my yoga practice began as well. I opened to another way of being through both experiences. I began the beautiful journey through other cultures while simultaneously traveling to uncharted territory of my inner realm. Each time I board a flight, each time I step on the yoga mat I return forever changed. 

It is my goal in each class to make the ancient practice of yoga relevant to your everyday. Through intentionally sequenced and themed practices, mindfulness and breath work we will explore our ability to reach further than we think we can, to discover unchartered territory and return forever changed. 

JB Walking Patagonia T.jpg

Jenny Boyd, Co-Founder and Operations Director

My love of travel hit me in Tijuana (of all places) at age 12 during a cross-country family road trip. After a couple of hours of aggressive haggling for earrings and Chiclets in a local market, I was hooked.

From that day on, I began to dream up travel adventure after adventure, starting with a semester in Belize. I nearly peed myself with excitement when we drove over the Tropic of Cancer. The utter exoticness of that experience fueled my sense of adventure and officially solidified my love of travel.

After guiding adventure trips with teenagers, I moved on to working with and traveled the world connecting people with the resources they needed to grow their businesses. Visiting people in the shops, food stands, and farms we were helping to grow and thrive was another experience that changed my life. Socially-driven international development work has become another passion - and my day job.

I’m so excited to mesh these two passions - travel and social good - with two incredible women to bring WorldScout to life!